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The Wonder Mill and
The Quest for Optimal Health

Optimal health is everyone’s concern these days. It seems funny to me that Fad diets are out of control and fast food rules like never before and Americans have never been in more need of education. With all the choices placed before us, were to we go for answers? How do we fight against the fast food ads, and were do we go to in our quest for Optimal Health?

First off I would like to explain that there are no short cuts to Optimal Health. That is why there are so many fad diets; we try anything to get healthy quick. The only way to obtain Optimal Health is lifestyle changes. Life style changes that include a diet high in fiber, fiber that comes from whole grains. If you are watching what is going on in the world today you will realize that whole grains are taking the forefront in the news. The reason is that they are finding out the amazing results that people are having that are eating more whole grains.

One of the best tools that I have come across to aid us in our quest for Optimal Health is the Wonder Mill grain mill. This mill is the best way to optimize grains in our quest for Optimal Health. It is by far the easiest, cleanest, and quietest mill on the market. It brings to your kitchen a machine that will change your life as you seek ways to make those lifestyle changes. Literally in minutes you can have whole grains flours to use in your baking and cooking. From grains to beans you will love the ease of this the Wonder Mill.

I don’t recommend throwing out all the white flour, but I do recommend adding fresh ground whole grain flours to the foods you are making. This is one of the best ways to obtain Optimal Health and the Wonder Mill is the mill to thank for making it easy and obtainable. I could not live without my Wonder Mill, it truly helped me to make the much needed “Life style” change, that has changed my life forever. No wonder the Wonder Mill has changed so many lives and helped so many in their quest for Optimal Health.

Chef Brad