Recipes Using Your Grain Mill

We are enlisting the help of Anitra Kerr to present these recipes through video to help you have more confidence in using your grain mill in your kitchen. See for more great videos from Anitra Kerr.


Ezekiel Bread recipe

Video demonstration with Anitra Kerr

This Bible bread that incorporates several grains and
beans to make it a high protein flour bread!


Rosemary Dill Bread recipe

Video demonstration with Anitra Kerr

Rosemary Dill bread is great to go with your soups
or to make appetizer breads!


Sprouted Grain Bread recipe

Video demonstration with Anitra Kerr

Sprouted grain bread is simple and great for your diet,
especially for those who may be wheat intolerant!


Not Your Mama's
Cornbread recipe

Video demonstration with Anitra Kerr
This Cornbread is called Not Your Mother's Cornbread
because it is everything your mother's cornbread is not!

More Video Recipes with Anitra Kerr Coming Soon...


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