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Wonder Junior Deluxe vs. Wonder Junior Basic

So What Are The Differences?

There are a few things that come with the Wonder Junior Deluxe Handmill that don't come with the Wonder Junior Basic Handmill. The extras that you get with the Deluxe model are: Table Mount, Flour Guide, Cleaning Brush, and the Stainless Steel Burrs. These extras are very much worth the added cost between the Deluxe model and the Basic model. Consider these differences below:

Double Clamp Table Mount

The Deluxe model comes with a Double Clamp Table Mount. This clamp keeps the Deluxe very securely attached to a table or counter. And it can be easily mounted to or removed from a surface without requiring drilling. On the other hand, the Basic model has to be bolted to a table or counter, requiring you to drill holes into the table or counter. The Deluxe model, on the other hand, can be set up where ever you want. After milling you can put it away when you are done without much hassle.

Stainless Steel Burrs

Both the Basic and the Deluxe models come with the Stone Milling Heads. However, the Deluxe model also comes with Stainless Steel Milling Burrs. These burrs give you more versatility in what you can grind. The Stone Milling Heads can only mill dry, non-oily items while the Stainless Steel Milling Burrs allow you to mill oily foods and items with high moisture content like seeds and nuts.

Flour Guide

With the Deluxe model you get the new Flour Guide that can guide your flour into a small container. This greatly reduces flour dust and mess. The Flour Guide is very nice for grinding flour right into your measuring cup and keeping flour from flying everywhere if you motorize your handmill. On the other hand, the Basic model does not come with the Flour Guide. As such, you will need a wider container to catch your flour as it comes out of your Basic handmill. This can be a messier to job. This is a problem of most hand grain mills besides the Wonder Junior Deluxe.

Cleaning Brush

This is not a big deal, but the Deluxe model comes with a Cleaning Brush and the Basic model does not. You can always buy a stiff bristled paint brush that is skinny enough to fit down into the grain mill and use that for a cleaning brush. Or you can buy our Cleaning Brush separately from a WonderMill parts dealer.

All of these upgrades make the Wonder Junior Deluxe worth the price difference between the Deluxe and the Basic models. But some customers may just want the minimum features that the Basic model gives. These are the differences between the Wonder Junior Deluxe Handmill and the Wonder Junior Basic Handmill. Now you can make an educated choice regarding which model best fits your needs.

So What Do I Get With The Wonder Junior Basic?

The Wonder Junior hand Basic Handmill only comes with the Stone Milling Heads – No Double Clamp Table Mount, no Stainless Steel Burrs, no Flour Guide, and no Cleaning Brush - just the basics without the convenience and versatility of the Wonder Junior Deluxe Handmill.