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USA WONDERMILL Similar Look… But Far, Far Superior Design to the USA Whispermill


The Utah-based Grainmaster Whispermill Company went out of business about 8 years ago and no longer exists. The Whispermill grain mill was not produced for over a year after the company's closing. Unfortunately all warranty promises died with the Whispermill Company.

After seeing and hearing that there was a need in the market for a return of this type of grain mill, and after requests from dealers worldwide, our Idaho-based company, Brownwick LLC, was formed. Brownwick LLC purchased and secured all molds and production rights for the Whispermill in an after bankruptcy sale from a third party. Brownwick LLC does not have and never has had any business relationship with the Whispermill Company.

After purchasing the molds and production equipment Brownwick LLC put this mill back into production as THE WONDERMILL. Along with the rebirth of THE WONDERMILL came many big improvements and internal changes. These changes have made THE WONDERMILL far superior to the old Whispermill, as well as all other grain mills on the market today. Here are just a few of these improvements:


One of the problems with micronizing grain mills on the market today is the lack of power that is needed to explode hard grains and legumes into soft wonderful flour. The old Whispermill always seemed a little under-powered, making the motor work harder than it should. This lack of power also made the Whispermill more susceptible to clogging.

To eliminate this lack of power BROWNWICK LLC partnered with LG Electronics to produce the most powerful micronizing grain mill motor in the world. This New High Powered LG Electronics Motor increased its power 25% to a whopping 1250 Watts in THE NEW WONDERMILL. This makes it far stronger than the old Whispermill. This added motor power makes THE WONDERMILL the most powerful micronizing grain mill on the market today.

Clogging problems caused the majority of the old Whispermill's warranty issues. THE NEW WONDERMILL, on the other hand, is now so powerful that these clogging issues are just a thing of the past. In fact, you can even turn THE NEW WONDERMILL off and on while milling if needed without clogging or straining the motor.

THE WONDERMILL'S increase in power has also increased the lifetime of the motor. More motor power equals less straining to do the same job. This keeps the motor from prematurely wearing out or overheating from laboring too hard.


The old Whispermill had a motor that was made by Daewoo Electronics. This motor lacked the quality desired for a lifetime guarantee and had many heat and power issues that required warranty work. This was less than satisfactory to the producers of THE WONDERMILL.

THE WONDERMILL is now built with a top quality motor made by LG Electronics, a company known for its top-of-the-line appliance motors. This LG motor has less plastic parts and larger bearings. And its design is far superior to that of the old Daewoo motor. The problems of the Daewoo motor are non-existent with THE WONDERMILL'S new LG motor. In all of our tests, the LG motor not only outperforms our competition but it also substantially outlasts other grain mill motors.

With the new LG motor, THE WONDERMILL passes the world's most demanding electronic testing and certification standards. THE WONDERMILL meets the following standards: UL (for USA), CSA (for Canada), and CE (for Europe and UK).

We believe that THE WONDERMILL LG motor is The Best Grain Mill Motor on the market today (see motor article).


Another flaw of the old Whispermill was a lack of air-flow to the motor. This caused the motor to get too hot. This sometimes caused issues such as plastic parts melting, motors burning up, a hotter milling process, and hotter flour.

Along with higher power, THE WONDERMILL motor has been completely redesigned to give more than 3 times the air flow to the motor without increasing the noise level. This Extreme Airflow System provides benefits that no other mill can match. First… a cooler-running motor for longer life. Second… cooler grinding temperatures to preserve nutrients. And third… continuous home-use with no problems.

To drive home this point WE HAVE THROWN DOWN THE GAUNTLET and have issued a challenge to any mill company in the world. Our challenge is for any of our competitors to attempt to do what THE WONDERMILL can do… To continuously mill one-half a ton of hard wheat grain for 10 hours non-stop without having any problems (see motor article). We don't know of any other home grain mill that can survive this longevity test but we challenge them to try.


The Whispermill's flour tube narrowed as it went into the flour canister. This bottle-necked design naturally caused flour to build up and made The Whispermill prone to clogging and slower grinding. THE WONDERMILL'S flour tube has been completely redesigned with no restrictive narrowing. This allows flour to flow though free and cool for continuous use without clogging.


The canister lid on the old Whispermill was prone to cracking over time due to inferior materials. THE WONDERMILL'S canister lid is now made with high quality food-grade plastics to guarantee you a lifetime of milling without problems.


The Whispermill cyclo cup was confusing to put in the proper place. This caused improper canister-filling. To eliminate this problem, THE NEW WONDERMILL has visible direction arrows on the canister lid that show easily and exactly how to connect the cyclo cup to the canister lid for peak performance.


At THE WONDERMILL COMPANY we pride ourselves in Fast, Fair and Friendly Customer Service. We promise you to always be here for you. We always give you the benefit of the doubt. In the rare instance that you might have a problem with your WONDERMILL product we are here to quickly get you back in the business of milling flour. We are constantly receiving praise for providing fast, fair, and friendly service!! Here are a few comments from happy customers.

“Thanks so much for everything- you are truly so great to work with. As we have added more and more products and become dealers for more things we have come to appreciate even more the simplicity of your system, speed of your service, and so much more! Keep it up"   -Julie at Food Storage Made Easy

“We appreciate your wonderful service. Thanks"   -Martha

"Gosh, I feel so special and blessed. You are fast and efficient. Like the Mill....really it is such a good design and I. Keep up the good work and bless us with this mill for a long time. Thanks for sending the mill so fast. I am blessed! Have a healthy day!"   -Sherry



In spite of that fact that the Whispermill and THE WONDERMILL are two separate mills from two completely different and separate companies, the Whispermill provided inspiration to our creating the far superior Wondermill Electric Grain mill.

Every great product has its story and THE WONDERMILL story brings you here and now to The World's Number-One Rated Flour Mill with its superior strength, superior speed, and superior function for a lifetime of home-milling for your and your family's health and nutrition.

Do you have an Old WhisperMill?

Since the old Whispermill Company does not exist anymore, many customers are left without anyone to fix their Whispermill. We are not in anyway connected to the old Whispermill Company. But since our WONDERMILL is similar to the Whispermill, our parts can be used in the Whispermill and we are able to perform the repairs you might need. We can even upgrade your Whispermill to the New Standards and Performance of THE WONDERMILL. (See our NON-Warranty Repair Form).

In Australia, the Australian Wondermill and Grainmaster Whispermill are the same.